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Start Your Own Business

Want to join my Oil Leadership Team?

I am always looking for women to join my team who are enthusiastic and want to partner with me in sharing essential oils with others. There is no pressure or hard sell tactics. We have one of the fastest growing teams in doTERRA.  My upline is supportive and always available to help.  I don’t only know one person, I know the whole team.  Sometimes when you join network marketing companies, you have one person to contact and if they don’t help you, you are alone without any support.  That is not the case here.

I have many leaders to go to and other wellness advocates supporting each other and exchanging ideas.  It’s UNBELIEVABLE! You are joining a family.

There is training in place so you can go at your pace, whether your an at home mom squeezing in hours here and there at nap times, or tired of the 9-5 rat race and want to build your own at home business at breakneck speed!  There are families from all walks of life so there’s no doubt you will find friends for support and share your a similar story.  It’s not a cookie cutter business.

Another one of my reasons is the belief in what an awesome company doTERRA is.  The leaders have integrity and only want to provide the highest quality of oils. Jump over to Why doTERRA? which talks about the humanitarian initiatives of the company such as their Healing Hands Foundation and partnering with Operation Underground to help abolish child sex trafficking.

And doTERRA is leading an innovative movement in healthcare in which medical providers take an integrative approach to keep their patients healthy and thriving.

Let’s talk! I would love to get to know you, answer your questions, and tell you all about doTERRA. Set up a time HERE, so we can set the time aside and discuss what you are looking for from the doTERRA opportunity. Then I will introduce you to my upline so you can get another perspective, get any additional questions answered, and meet another person on your team. Team building starts from the very beginning, even before your a Wellness Advocate.

What’s your experience with essential oils? What make’s doTERRA appealing to you?

Why do you want to get into network marketing? Have you done it before?

How much time do you have to commit to building your business?

These are just a few questions to get you clear on your wants, needs, and why?

Talk soon!

With Gratitude,

P.S. In the meantime, here’s a short video to watch. If you haven’t already, why do you want to live an empowered life? What does that look like to YOU?