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The Top 8 Essential Oils You Need for Summer

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Summertime is here! Woot Woot! Kids are out of school and lots of hot weather and swimming is in order.

I’ve put together a list of my favorite oils along with some helpful tips for staying healthy throughout the summer!

Here are my Top 8 Oils for the Summer: 

  • Lemon or Lime – What’s summertime without lemonade or limeade??  If you are short on lemons or limes, add a couple drops of your favorite oil.  Plus I love to add a couple of drops to my grilled fajitas and there’s a wonderful lime icebox dessert we love in our house.


  • Breathe – We diffuse this nightly for my son who has terrible allergies. You can also rub 1-2 drops over the chest, bottoms of the feet, or back of the neck. This helps him sleep so much better because he can…BREATHE!


  • TerraShield – this oil comes in a handy spray bottle. So, simply spray it directly on to the skin to keep the mosquitos and other bugs away. This is a life saver for my kids since they are the type to get HUGE welts when they get bitten.


  • Lavender – this oil is a MUST for us since it’s great to put on the skin after a bit too much sun since my kids love to swim and go to the beach. It is also good for bug bites if they get any and for my son’s allergies (along with lemon and peppermint). Also, Lavender is good for cuts, wounds, and blisters to help heal and avoid scarring. I love Lavender because it helps me reduce stress and sleep soundly. I love to rub a drop or two on my feet and pillow and diffuse!


  • OnGuard Sanitizing Mist – this antibacterial spray kills 99.9% of germs and doesn’t contain any synthetic chemicals like the conventional wipes, gels, and sprays. This is a must to carry in the car or your purse!


  • Deep Blue – Rub a drop or two directly on to the area of concern to soothe those sore muscles from all the outdoor exercise you’ll be doing.


  • DigestZen – this is my go-to for any and all digestive support needs. Simply rub 1-2 drops on the area of concern or take 1-2 drops internally. I also have it in a roller in my purse for the kids.


  • Peppermint – Peppermint has a cooling effect on the skin, which is great when you’ve gotten a bit too much sun. I have it in a spray bottle to spritz it on my neck and chest. It’s also a great oil to use to keep you awake for car trips! We have a car diffuser and love it to get rid of headaches.

To purchase these oils, you can learn how to order them here.  I suggest getting started with one of the specially priced starter kits. If you have any questions about which kit will work for your family, send me a FB message or email at

To learn even more about essential oils, I would love for you to join my FB group

Have a great summer!!

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