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Hi, I’m Karrie, your guide on this oily adventure! 🙂 I love sharing the gift of health to mamas all over the globe one drop at a time. We are a tribe that wants only the best for our families.

I don’t consider myself a totally natural, health nut kind of mom. I love coffee and chocolate and so do my kids!  But 2 of my 3 kids have environmental allergies so I wanted to have a clean house with the toxic chemicals and essential oils has provided that.

I also homeschool all 3 kiddos, so I diffuse oils all day to purify the air and help with focus on school work. (car schooling at its finest and YES I have a diffuser in my car!)

Besides helping women learn about essential oils, and changing the health of the world one drop at a time, I am a Social Media Manager/Pinterest Manager. I need time to unplug and unwind in the evening so diffusing and roller balling oils on my feet at night helps me go to sleep dreaming happy thoughts!

Would you like to discuss your own personal health goals and how essential oils can help?  Set up a time so I can learn more about what your needs are and we can discuss a personal plan designed just for you! It’s like a coffee date, but a virtual oily date. 🙂 This is the most fun for me.  We’re women right and we know women LOVE to talk!

To learn more about why I chose doTERRA and join in the fun, head over to my Facebook group, Oils are Essential. You can also read the latest posts on my blog.

Do you want to use the highest quality and purest essential oils to promote the best health and wellness for your family? If you would like to try a sample, sign up for one by clicking here.

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With Gratitude,